WinSCP 4.2

An easy GUI-based Secure File Transfer Protocol client for all
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WinSCP is a Secure File Transfer Protocol and FTP client tool for Windows that helps you to copy files between local and remote systems safely. Legacy SCP protocol is also supported.
WinSCP is packed with two different user interfaces, namely Commander Interface and Explorer Interface. You can easily choose the desired interface even during the installation process itself. On one hand, Commander Interface is based on the popular Norton Commander tool – it displays the content of both the local and the remote drives in a single screen with a split window. On the other hand, Explorer Interface is similar to Windows Explorer, and it will show you only the remote directory view.

Along with these graphical interfaces, WinSCP offers scripting/console interface, to allow you to enter commands interactively, storing all your commands in a single script file.

Putty is included with WinSCP - you can find this under Wintools. At the same time, you can import any of your Putty stored sessions into WinSCP.

As for language support, the program is available in 37 languages so far. It supports SFTP versions from 0 to 5.

Sundaram Ramanujam
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  • Still supports legacy SCP.
  • Allows you to save sessions


  • Supports only 32 bit
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